New Years Eve Countdown Ball Craft

Hi Guys,

Another program I planned to be executed while I am on maternity leave is a New Years new-years-eve-countdown-ball-for-kids-780x1024Eve Countdown Ball Craft. This was an idea passed down from other librarians but I think they originally got the idea from JDaniels’s Mom.

Basically, this is a really easy drop-in craft for the kids to do sometime before New Years Eve.

You will need:

  • Scissors (a razor blade works better if you have an adult wielding it)
  • Paper plate
  • Strips of paper (8” x 14” works best)
  • And whatever decorating tools you want to use… glitter glue, markers, foam stickers, etc.

Take your paper plate and cut two slits in the middle of the plate–about an inch wide and an inch apart.

Cut a strip of colored paper and number down from 12. If you don’t think you can eyeball it, use a ruler to evenly mark the numbers.


Then get creative and decorate your plate!


Finally, slide your numbers through each of the slits so that one is always showing.


Ta da!

That’s all for now!



Superhero Photo Booth

Hi Guys,

Obviously, I’ve been MIA lately and will probably be a sporadic poster for the few weeks. We just welcomed a new addition to our family, so posting has taken a back burner. That being said, I’ve scheduled a few posts for the upcoming weeks.

Before I went on maternity leave at work, I organized a few programs for the library. The first is a superhero photo booth. Our library system is holding it’s second annual library con in January and all the branches are doing lead up events. Because I won’t be there to run it, I decided to organize a really easy, but FUN, passive program.

71ethkjqnvl-_sl1000_Basically, we reserved one of our small collaboration rooms for a weekend and set up the program as a drop-in, so anyone can drop in to the photo booth all day long. We ordered two superhero backdrops to hang on either side of the room. Then I got busy with the props.

A lot of the props I made myself using superhero mask templates from online. I printed them, cut them out, laminated them to make them more sturdy and attached them to chopsticks. There are a ton of templates online, Pinterest superhero photo booth and you’ll find a bunch of printables.


I also printed out some word bubbles and superhero logos and put them on popsical sticks too.

Other than the backdrops the only thing I bought was a few generic capes from the dollar store in a variety of colors that would fit both adults and children.

Finally, I am having volunteers make a few fun props. Thor’s hammer. A big fake boulder. A “1,000” weight set.

Once everything is put together, you will want to have a volunteer in the room to make sure none of the props walk off.

I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. Hopefully, me and the little one can take a trip to the library that weekend and see how everything came out.

That’s all for now!


Nuts About Books!

Hey Guys,

It’s fall, so that means it is time for a few new displays. I’ve been a little strapped for time recently and the change in seasons have snuck up on me. So I did a quick and dirty bulletin board and I will probably be re-purposing some old displays as we enter October.

I’ve been seeing a lot of squirrel picture books lately and I thought, hey, we see a lot of squirrels in the fall so a squirrel display it is.

Simple display with some acorns and our bookish squirrel!



That’s all for now!


My Many Colored Capes: Folder Story

Hi Guys,

I have a superhero themed storytime coming up and I always like to incorporate some type of flannel or prop into the program. After doing some digging online, I have to say that I was so impressed with a folder story I found on Storytime Katie’s, Flannel Friday. Adapted from Carissa Christner’s script, this wonderful story was turned into a quick and easy folder story, so of course I just had to create my own.

Not wanting steal any images, I drew my own super hero on a colored manila folder. I then cut out the cape so that as I switched the paper in the folder, the cape would seem to change colors. I taped the words onto the back of the folder and ta-da! Such an easy addition to any storytime!

My Many Colored Capes

By Carissa Christner, 2009

My cape of bravery
Goes over my head
It makes me feel bold
And its color is __________ (red)

My cape of honesty
Makes villains speak true
And chases out lies
Its color is ___________(blue)

My cape of fairness
Conquers those who are mean
It makes me feel strong
And its color is _________ (green)

My cape of calmness
Makes me feel mellow
It quiets the world
And its color is ____________(yellow)

My cape of wisdom
Helps me to think
And solve tricky problems
Its color is __________(pink)

My favorite cape
Gives me a nice glow
Its all these great colors—In a RAINBOW!!!

I like to include some type of interactive element to my stories, so between each of the stanzas of the story, I created a sign and the kids will yell: Up! Up! And… AWAY!


We’ll see how it goes! I’ll let you know in my next storytime post!

That’s all for now!



Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Back to School Days!

Pretty proud of this one guys! Came up with this idea all by myself. The kids have been killing me with requests for Diary of a Wimpy Kid books all summer; more so than usual. So I figured I needed to do some sort of Wimpy Kid display and voila:

I picked some poses of the wimpy characters out of the books and put my freehand skills to the test. I made sure to laminate everything so they last longer but the darn laminater crinkled my Diary of a Wimpy Kid sign. Was salvageable but still super annoying.


Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

That’s all for now!


Mary Had A Little Lamb: Lap Theater

Hi Guys,

I am going to be doing a back to school themed storytime in a little bit and I wanted to think of a different type of prop to use for the rhyme, Mary Had a Little Lamb. I really didn’t feel like pulling out all my flannel, so I looked around and found a few printables of Mary and her lamb and thought I could do something with popsicle sticks and cutouts.

And what I ended up with is a lap theater, puppet box hybrid!


Basically, I took a sturdy box and cut one of the sides off:


I then wrapped everything with green construction paper and used a razor blade to put slits in the top of my box. This was one hell of a thick box and my razor blade skills were sub-par. Maybe you guys can come up with a better way to do this. Because my slits are so wide, my puppets won’t stand on their own. So I will need to create some sort of stopper so they don’t slide through when I am not holding them. I’m leaning toward those small rubber hair-ties.


For my puppets, I used printables I found online, thanks Storytime Katie and Making Learning Fun, and colored them in before laminating and attaching to popsicle sticks. I printed and colored two of each so the images show on both sides. The teacher I drew myself. I couldn’t find an outline I liked.

I made a: Mary, Lamb, Teacher, Children Laughing and a School House.

My plan is to say the rhyme and present the characters in my lap theater as I go. The way I have the slits, I can move the puppets from side to side. I’ll need a little practice but hopefully it will all work out.

There are quite a few versions of Mary Had a Little Lamb out there. Because my theme is back to school I am going to go with this one:

Mary had a little lamb,
little lamb, little lamb,
Mary had a little lamb,
its fleece was white as snow.

And everywhere that Mary went,
Mary went, Mary went,
and everywhere that Mary went,
the lamb was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day,
school one day, school one day,
It followed her to school one day,
which was against the rules.

It made the children laugh and play,
laugh and play, laugh and play,
it made the children laugh and play,
to see a lamb at school.

And so the teacher turned it out,
turned it out, turned it out,
And so the teacher turned it out,
but still it lingered near.

And waited patiently about,
patiently about, patiently about,
And waited patiently about,
till Mary did appear.

“Why does the lamb love Mary so?”
Love Mary so? Love Mary so?
“Why does the lamb love Mary so,”
the eager children cry.

“Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know.”
The lamb, you know, the lamb, you know,
“Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know,”
the teacher did reply.

Hopefully, this will be a fun and different prop to use in storytime. I’ll let you know how it goes!

That’s all for now!


When we READ we GROW!

Alright guys, I’ve had my rocket ship bulletin board up long enough. It was time for a new one and I figured I’d better do something with plants or growing things before fall creeps up on me. And so we get: When we READ we GROW!


I’ve been really into incorporating some 3D elements into my displays lately and I saw on Pinterest someone who used books as flower heads. I thought this was a really neat idea, so I tried to think up how else I could make bookish flowers 3D.

20170804_125306To get the stems, I just crumbled up about half a sheet of green paper and only stapled at the tops and bottoms. For the pots, I cut out long rectangles of brown paper, folded over the lips and then took the bottom two corners and taped them together to form a slanted pot shape. When you staple the pots down, you have to do it from the inside of the pot.


The books and butterflies were done the same way. Quick staple in the middle and then take your ends and push them in a bit to make the page/butterfly pop–staple when satisfied, right at the end of the paper.

Overall, this was a quick display, with minimal artistic flair needed. Came out pretty good if I do say so myself!

That’s all for now!