Reading ROCKS!

It’s getting closer and closer to that time of the year again…. Summer reading is just around the corner. To get ready, I created a new bulletin board display.

This year, the summer reading theme is “Libraries Rock!” I figured we would be do all sorts of music themed programs and displays that I wanted to go the other route and do a bulletin board about famous rock formations around the world.

I tried using all black and white to make the bulletin board feel kind of like a Polaroid. Then I added my words and my rock formation snap-shots. This bulletin board isn’t really at eye-level for the kids so I only put the names of these famous rocks under their pictures. I figured we can always check out some books and do research if we wanted to learn more!

Here is a close up of the famous rock landmarks I chose:

This is a really simple display, that I may add to as we get closer to summer.

That’s all for now!



Ten Little Monsters

Uggg, I don’t know what happened to this post but I had it all typed out and poof! Now only the featured image remains. Quickly recreating this…

I am doing a monster themed (we’re not afraid of monsters) storytime later this week and what better way to incorporate a prop than with finger puppets!

My monster finger puppets are going to go to the rhyme of Ten Little Monsters:

One little, two little, three little monsters.

Four little, five little, six little monsters.

Seven little, eight little, nine little monsters.

Ten little monsters can’t scare me!

To create my puppets, I used felt, tacky glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and marker. For these, I cut out the felt and once I had everything positioned where I liked it, I glued the sides shut and secured them with paper clips while they dried. For a longer lasting puppet, I could have sewed the edges but I didn’t feel like lugging out my sewing machine.


Once everything was dried, I drew on my faces and ta-da! Monster finger puppets!

Soooo these came out awesome but I am going to have to have them just march across my felt board because there is no way I can put all ten on my itty bitty fingers and be able to move at all. I didn’t really think of the scale. BUT they are still cute and I will use them!

Fun, easy and something you can definitely tweak for other themes.

That’s all for now!




May The Fourth Be With You – Scavenger Hunt

Hi Guys,

You all know I love a good scavenger hunt. Takes very little prep, requires very little supervision and makes many, many kiddies happy! So obviously, I had to plan one for Star Wars Day.

May The Fourth or Star Wars Day is a day to celebrate all things Star Wars. Watch the movie, read the books, play with action figures–if it has anything to do with the mega-movie franchise, you’re on target!

To start, I found some cute characters online:


Then I set up my hunt. For this scavenger hunt, I set it up like Yoda was asking for help. Thought it would give the hunt a fun little edge. I printed the document on half sheets to save paper.


On the day of, we “hid” the eight characters throughout the children’s room. The hunt was run by the honor system, so the kids just come up and tell us when they found them all. They’re usually pretty honest.

Once they found all the characters they come back to the desk for a prize. Because I pulled this all together fairly last minute, we recycled old giveaways that we had extras from. The prizes weren’t Star Wars themed but hey, a prize is a prize right!

A few tips…

Place your characters within eye-sight of the younger ones but not low enough for them to grab. I have had too many hunt items go missing because the kids think they need to retrieve the pictures.

Have pencils ready because the kids like to mark off when they find something.

Finally, help guide the kids to pick a prize. Don’t just let them riffle through your whole prize chest. Disaster will ensue.

Easy-peasy! I created this scavenger hunt but didn’t actually run it. But I wanted to get the post out on Star Wars Day, soooo yea. I am looking forward to seeing how it went tomorrow!

Enjoy and…



Dog’s Colorful Day – Magnet Board

Hi Guys,510lpvyswgl-_ac_us218_

For an upcoming storytime I decided to read: Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd. It’s a fun one for counting and identifying colors. It also was a really easy one to create a prop for.

First, I drew and cut out a nice big version of my dog. I laminated him with the intention of using dry erase markers to draw on his spots, so that I could easily erase them when he got his “bath.” But I didn’t have the right colors so I decided to cut out my dots too.

Then I attached magnets to my dog and each of his spots, so I can stick his spots on as the story progresses.

All of our magnet boards are white, which really washed out my dog, so I decided to put up a black background with thin paper so the magnets still work.

And that’s it! Really easy one. I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

That’s all for now!



Building Robots – Flannel Board

Hi Guys,

For my robot themed storytime this Saturday, I wanted to do a flannel board but didn’t want to do five little robots. So instead I decided we would build our own robots together using shapes.

What we are going to do is identify the shapes and colors I have on my flannel board. Then I am going to ask the kids to choose a shape and color for the head, the arms, the legs, etc. and we will do this a couple of times and make different types of robots.

A little plug for diversity… at the end you can explain that, just like people, robots come in all different “shapes,” “colors,” and sizes. —get what I did there!

For my flannel, I just robot-ish colors of red, blue, grey, white and yellow. For some reason, those colors just screamed robot to me. Then I cut out different shapes and sizes. Finally, I created a mouth and eyes to use for each robot we made.

Here are two samples of robots I made as examples:

We’ll see how it goes on Saturday!

That’s all for now!


Have a Pinkalicious Spring!

20180409_152156 (1)Man! It feels like forever since I’ve done a new display but I’ve got a really fun one for you this time.

We’ve been getting so many requests for Pinkalicious lately that I knew I just had to do a display. And then I came across this pithy saying on Pinterest and just had to recreate it in my own way!

I hand drew Pinkalicious and used accucut tulips for my flowers. Threw in a few bees, some grass and of course my saying! Other than drawing Pinkalicious this was a quick and easy display. 20180409_152201 (1)

Can’t wait to see what the kids have to say!

That’s all for now!


1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Hi Guys,

Our library is promoting a new initiative called 1000 Books Before Kindergarten. Basically, the goal is to have kids read or do 1000 early literacy activities before they go to kindergarten. This can be singing songs, being read to, doing bounces, rhymes. Pretty much lots of fun!

To promote this program, I threw together a display using some of the images we were given and drew up some coral, sea grass and shells. Super easy and lots of fun!


That’s all for now!