Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Back to School Days!

Pretty proud of this one guys! Came up with this idea all by myself. The kids have been killing me with requests for Diary of a Wimpy Kid books all summer; more so than usual. So I figured I needed to do some sort of Wimpy Kid display and voila:

I picked some poses of the wimpy characters out of the books and put my freehand skills to the test. I made sure to laminate everything so they last longer but the darn laminater crinkled my Diary of a Wimpy Kid sign. Was salvageable but still super annoying.


Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

That’s all for now!



Crafting Great Minds!!!

Hi Guys,

I have been dying to do a minecraft display for months but wasn’t sure quite how to do it. It seemed like the perfect subject to compliment our summer reading theme of Build a Better World but I had this picture in my mind and wasn’t sure I could pull it off.

Finally, I decided to just cut up a bunch of different sized squares, in complimentary colors and give it a whirl. I wasn’t super impressed with my minecraft dude but the rest came out great.

I can’t wait to see how the kids respond.

That’s all for now!


Build A Better World

Hi Guys,

Finally got a new display for you all. We’ve been short staffed lately and with school visits, I haven’t gotten a chance to make many new ones. But Summer Read and Learn is coming up so it was time to get one done.

Our theme this year is Build a Better World, so of course I went with a lego themed display!



Came out pretty good actually. Wasn’t so sure about the scale but not bad.


Enjoy! That’s all for now!


Reading With My Peeps!

Got a fun, new, Spring-y display for you all:

Reading with my Peeps!


This was a pretty easy display to put together. And I don’t know about you guys but I was pretty impressed with my bunny.


Anyway… reading together is always more fun. SO. Read with some peeps this spring!

That’s all for now!


February is Library Lovers’ Month

As some of you may know, February is library lovers’ month. A whole month to show your appreciation for libraries!

For a second year in a row we have created a display in our children’s room, so that the kids can write down what they love about libraries and then we display their answers for the rest of the month. <<< Totally stole that idea from grocery stores.

I didn’t have much time to get too creative this year so here is what I came up with:


Balloon hearts and all!

So make sure to show your appreciation for your library this month!

Happy Library Lovers’ Month!



Hi Guys,

I needed to put up a new window display… can’t leave the holiday decorations up for too long right?

I didn’t have a lot of time to do anything elaborate this time around, so I figured you can’t go wrong with some inspirational words and bright colors.

Just a quick, easy window display for a new year!

Season Readings!

That’s all for now!


Winter Display

Hi Guys,

It’s new display time at the library!

I tend to change the four windows into the children’s room seasonally and occasionally for some special holiday displays. I figured it was time to get a winter display up there.

First thing I did was pick out some bookish puns– Reading in a winter wonderland… & Chill out with a good book!


Then I made some simple trees, using green triangles and then I laminated everything.

Finally, I made my snowflakes. I took fishing line and 20161128_112411threaded them through different sized cotton balls. You have to thread them through and then do a loop back through or else the cotton will move on the lines. I made twenty total, five for each window.

This is like the worst lit area of the library and it looks so much better in person then in these pictures. I really need to convince them to get some spot lights!

And that’s about it! Came out pretty good if I do say so myself.


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That’s all for now!