When we READ we GROW!

Alright guys, I’ve had my rocket ship bulletin board up long enough. It was time for a new one and I figured I’d better do something with plants or growing things before fall creeps up on me. And so we get: When we READ we GROW!


I’ve been really into incorporating some 3D elements into my displays lately and I saw on Pinterest someone who used books as flower heads. I thought this was a really neat idea, so I tried to think up how else I could make bookish flowers 3D.

20170804_125306To get the stems, I just crumbled up about half a sheet of green paper and only stapled at the tops and bottoms. For the pots, I cut out long rectangles of brown paper, folded over the lips and then took the bottom two corners and taped them together to form a slanted pot shape. When you staple the pots down, you have to do it from the inside of the pot.


The books and butterflies were done the same way. Quick staple in the middle and then take your ends and push them in a bit to make the page/butterfly pop–staple when satisfied, right at the end of the paper.

Overall, this was a quick display, with minimal artistic flair needed. Came out pretty good if I do say so myself!

That’s all for now!


Crafting Great Minds!!!

Hi Guys,

I have been dying to do a minecraft display for months but wasn’t sure quite how to do it. It seemed like the perfect subject to compliment our summer reading theme of Build a Better World but I had this picture in my mind and wasn’t sure I could pull it off.

Finally, I decided to just cut up a bunch of different sized squares, in complimentary colors and give it a whirl. I wasn’t super impressed with my minecraft dude but the rest came out great.

I can’t wait to see how the kids respond.

That’s all for now!


Build A Better World

Hi Guys,

Finally got a new display for you all. We’ve been short staffed lately and with school visits, I haven’t gotten a chance to make many new ones. But Summer Read and Learn is coming up so it was time to get one done.

Our theme this year is Build a Better World, so of course I went with a lego themed display!



Came out pretty good actually. Wasn’t so sure about the scale but not bad.


Enjoy! That’s all for now!


BLASTOFF with a good book!

Hi Guys,

Got a new bulletin board display for you all and I have to say, I love this one!

I knew I wanted to do something with a rocket-ship because I had this 3D image in my 20170427_152347mind. Basically, I folded a small lip on either side along the length of the rocket and I used the lip to staple onto the bulletin board, which gave it the bubble effect. Word to the wise, leave yourself a big lip to staple; mine was too small and I really struggled to maneuver the stapler. Then I created cones for my boosters and used tissue paper for my fire/smoke.

From there it was pretty simple. I had a gold 20170427_152401boarder, black background and some simple accucut stars. I used 3… 2… 1… BLASTOFF with a good book! as my quote but another one I’ve found that would work well is Reading lets you soar! or some version of the two.

This was such a fun display and pretty simple to put together.

That’s all for now!


Reading With My Peeps!

Got a fun, new, Spring-y display for you all:

Reading with my Peeps!


This was a pretty easy display to put together. And I don’t know about you guys but I was pretty impressed with my bunny.


Anyway… reading together is always more fun. SO. Read with some peeps this spring!

That’s all for now!


Dr. Seuss Hide-And-Seek

Hi Guys,

Every year, I plan something at the library for Dr. Seuss’s birthday–March 2nd. Last year we had a big party with crafts, snacks, stories and games. This year I am actually going to be out of town on the day but I couldn’t resist throwing something together.

Over the holiday we did a Gingerbread Man Hunt –This was a passive program and it was a big success, so I decided to try something similar for Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

Dr. Seuss Hide-And-Seek:20170222_124541

In my experience, kids love anything they have to find. Eye Spy books fly off the shelf! So keeping that in mind I created a bingo-esq board with a bunch of different Dr. Seuss 20170222_124546characters.

The night before Dr. Seuss’s birthday my colleagues will “hide” all sixteen of these characters around our children’s room. Throughout the day kids can come collect a Dr. Seuss board and see how many characters they are able to find. The librarians will have a list of where the characters are in case the kids need some hints.

20170222_124556Once they find them all or are finished looking, they can come to the J-desk and tell the librarian how many the found. We have prizes for the first 100 participants, which include a neat bag, sticker, pencil, bookmark and temporary tattoo. 20170222_125007

Because we did this party last year, I had some display materials all ready to go. I put up our old window display and my colleagues will set up my truffula trees somewhere in the J room.

The truffula trees are made from pool noodles, duct tape, a Styrofoam ball and tissue paper. Oh, and a lot, a LOT of hot glue.

I’m super bummed I won’t be at the library for the day of the event but I am sure it will be a lot of fun! Figured I’d share in case anyone is looking for any Dr. Seuss themed ideas.

That’s all for now!



Whoooo Loves Books!


Whoooo loves books? I do! Fun, easy display for our children’s bulletin board. I swear it looks better in person! Gotta get some better lighting for these displays.